Sarasijam Technologies

Sarasijam produces high-quality, up-to-date multi-client and custom reports on critical business, technology, and commercial topics. With clarity and actionable insight, our reports allow clients to make quality decisions and save time and money. We use a rigorous research methodology with proven analytical and statistical modeling capabilities to convert information into insight.

Sarasijam Multi-Client Reports

Our multi-client reports address current topics of critical interest to industry segments. All reports address both commercial and technical aspects including market forecasts, regulatory outlooks, future scenarios, technology evaluations, and emerging research.

Download details of our multi-client reports:


Sarasijam Custom Reports

Sarasijam will fulfill your information needs-broad or well-defined-by leveraging our comprehensive data sources, proven research methodology, and extensive analytical capabilities. Our cost-effective talent will collaborate with you to deliver focused and high-impact reports. Please contact us for an exploratory discussion. Examples of our work include:

  • Developed market research enabling a U.S. building materials company enter India
  • Benchmarked emerging combustion technologies for an integrated oil company
  • Compiled a comprehensive study of India's catalyst market


Sarasijam Analytics

Sarasijam's talented staff -PhDs and MBAs from top schools across the world - can develop models to evaluate scenarios, mine customer data for trends, and conduct other statistical and quantitative studies to address clients' analytical needs. Please contact us for an exploratory discussion. Examples of our work include:

  • Developed an Excel-based model to estimate carbon emissions from refineries
  • Facilitated reactor modeling/simulation services for a consumer products company