Sarasijam Technologies

Sarasijam provides both business and technology consulting services. Our talented staff has worked with Fortune 500 companies in a number of industry segments and brings deep business, functional, and technology expertise.

  Technology Consulting

Technology Transfer

Sarasijam combines deep technical expertise with its extensive network of influential relationships to help companies license and transfer technologies to and from India in a cost-effective fashion. Click here for case studies of our work.

Contract R&D

We help companies amplify innovation capacity with contract R&D services including identifying relevant partners, negotiating agreements, defining and monitoring programs, and conducting R&D. Click here for case studies of our work.

Open Innovation

We help companies with a range of Open Innovation efforts that leverage India's cost-effective technology resources. Sarasijam is particularly qualified given its principals' experience spanning several decades in innovation, R&D, and technology development conducted within Indian R&D organizations. Click here for case studies of our work.


  Business Consulting

Conduct Market Research

We analyze market drivers, competitor shares, consumer trends, and business intelligence to develop insights and actionable guidance for market entry, planning, and development. Click here for more details.

Develop Business

Sarasijam couples its extensive and influential network with local market savvy to promote new products, technologies, and services in India. Click here for case studies of our work.

Establish Operations

Sarasijam's reputed partners along the full value chain-sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing-allow firms to quickly establish Indian operations. Click here for case studies of our work.

Execute Business Strategies

Sarasijam helps companies evaluate, improve, and implement their strategy and execution plans for the Indian market. Click here for case studies of our work.